Joshes Law, we would like to see GP Consent On elderly drivers D46P form

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Joshes Law

my son Josh Osborne was killed in a hit and run, by a 74 year old man who had been drink driving and driving with no licence as his had expired. He then reapplied for his licence after killing josh and was given a driving licence from DVLA.Also having previous drink driving offences, and over the speed limit.We would like to see the law changed  by GP consent on elderly drivers D46P form. As it currently stands when you reach seventy you just sign a form to say your medically safe to drive there is no medical check done by any professional. Although it’s against the law to sign and say your safe to drive when your not, this is what’s happening. Also why isn’t DVLA chasing up and checking on people with expired licences. Elderly drivers can get a professional opinion by doing a drivers assessment which is done on their own free will and cost between 40/60 pounds. I’d like to see DVLA make this Compulsory to elderly drivers every 3 years.

please support us in getting Joshes Law as the safety of loved ones family, friends and public are at risk on the roads while we stay under the current laws.

kind regards 

Osborne Family