" HELP SAVE OUR KOALA'S " Reduced speed limit for our " WILDLIFE CORRIDOR " in Goonengerry

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With dire predictions of Koala extinction in NSW by 2050 it's time to take positive action to preserve and enhance our Koala populations in NSW. The purpose of this petition is to protect a very active koala and wildlife habitat located in GoonengerryNSW. This abundant area teams with native wildlife and until now has only ever been dissected by a narrow bumpy gravel road keeping vehicle speed and traffic flow at a minimum.With vehicle impact listed as the second largest threat to the Koala we are gravely concerned that the upgrade and sealing of this straight  section of gravel road will be a death sentence for our healthy and abundant wildlife habitat.We do not oppose the sealing of Mafeking road.What we do oppose is the creation of a high speed stretch of un-monitored road running directly through this precious wildlife habitat and further decimating NSW's dwindling Koala populations.We graciously ask for your support to ensure that the speed limit through this 2km stretch of signed "Wildlife Corridor" reflects and respects this diverse area it dissects.We ask that the RMS limit speed on this section of Mafeking rd to between 50km/h and 60km/h in the interest of minimizing Koala fatality due to vehicle impact whilst also helping to preserve our abundant Koala population in Goonengerry.

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