CMTO Peer Assessment unjust Results & remediation NOT ACCURATE

CMTO Peer Assessment unjust Results & remediation NOT ACCURATE

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Keren Duncan started this petition to RMTAO- Registered Massage Therapists Assocication of Ontario

100's of RMT/MT's across Ontario are "randomly" being assessed and having a pleasant, helpful, and supportive Peer Assessment process since COVID-19. 

However, it seems months after this peer assessment the RMT's are being slapped with a Specified Continuing Education or Remediation Program (SCERP) with inaccurate (or untruthful) findings from the QAC (Quality Assurance Committee).

Since the organization (CMTO) is private, they can mandate that we (the therapists) do whatever they tell us to do! However, after I recorded a podcast episode there was an outcry from the CMTO registrants (the RMT's) that this is now the common practice and a potential conflict of interest and looks like a dirty cash grab by the CMTO who is losing members due to COVID and their new process for the EXAM/peer assessment. 

Most members are reaching out to me afraid the CMTO will punish them for speaking out and are shocked and feeling bullied, and it is an insult to their professional integrity. This has to stop.

I myself have been assessed many times and there are always things to improve but this assessment appears to have another agenda. 90% of what they told me was wrong in my assessment was NOT true, or I was not asked to provide the info that later came in with my results as "not met". I have been in the profession for 24 years and will not be bullied into paying them for remediation when I have done nothing wrong!

It seems the more details the RMTAO has, the better they can help us...

So along with signing this petition it is highly recommended that you write or email your story and provide as much detail as possible to the RMTAO about your case:

Also, send as much info as you can provide to the Ministry of Health, as well as the RMTAO. They will keep your info ANONYMOUS and safe.

EMAIL THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH. They will make an inquiry to the Registrar of the CMTO (Corinne Flitton) and she MUST respond - every request must be responded to, so every inquiry counts!

So if there are 200 requests to the Ministry of Health then the CMTO has to respond 200 times.

This is the best way to elicit change...

Send your details of what happened and your concerns to:
Ministry of Health:
RMTAO CEO Michael Faraday -

You may also take up council with your own lawyer, and if you don't have the money I have a lawyer (the largest firm in Toronto) who will take calls and give advice on this for $50 a call. Request more:

I am appalled as a therapist...

As a 96% average student...

As a valedictorian...

As a class rep...

As a therapist with extreme "red carpet" customer service for over 24 years...

With extremely happy clients and...

Extremely great results for people...

with 24 awards...

That it has come to this: 

defamation of Character.

We need to stand up to the bully now.

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!