ULV Spring Commencement Location Concerns

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To whom it may concern,

This platform was created as a forum for the University of La Verne's graduating class of Spring 2018 to voice their concerns about the newly announced commencement location. We simply ask that administration take our concerns into consideration and ensure that commencement be a memorable event for everyone involved. Each student has invested a considerable amount of resources towards their higher education and it is essential that their voices are heard and their concerns addressed.

Each student has worked towards this celebration from the moment they accepted the University of La Verne to be their university of choice. It is a disappointment to see that an adequate amount of resources is not being directed towards commencement. The location of the ceremony on the University's multi-purpose field does not symbolize the amount of effort each student put towards their degree. In previous years, students were awarded commencement locations that justified the effort they put towards their higher education and it would be heartbreaking to see the graduating class of Spring 2018 not be awarded the same honor, consideration, and respect.