IT'S OUR RIGHT (IOR) - Time to speak up

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It's our right : Stand up if you think SC President and Student council generation 3 did not do their job as they good as they can and if you want RMIT to look at what we think is unfair !

Every semester we students have to pay 70,000 VND compulsory for Student Council (SC) with the promise that SC should (according to RMIT Diary 2015 ): 

·        Represent and protect the right of all members of the student body of RMIT Vietnam in matter that concern them

·        Advance the education, welfare, social life and cultural activities of student at RMIT Vietnam

·        Promote encourage and encourage and coordinate the activities of the student clubs and societies operating at RMIT Vietnam

·        Facilitate the effective coordination of student representation on all university bodies, including student representation on discipline, complaint and appeal board and student staff consultative.

However, what SC did are: 

·        During SC Generation 3: there are just a few of SC’s activities that students can actually participate beside the Helmet station and Umbrella station (other activities are: Charity event sem B 2014, Vanity night sem C 2015)

·        Semester C 2014, SC received 300,000,000 from student, spent 80,000,000 on club sponsor, kept 220,000,000 for SC’s activates which I explained that there are not many activities above.

·         SC are the organization, who decide if one club can meet their standard or not. Thus, SC provide them an ability to judge on other clubs while they don’t even have any events can be considered as a succeed (consider they do not have a lots of event for us to think about) and they seemed unable to control their inside conflict.

·        While being a President of SC RMIT Vietnam, Ms Diem appeared at some eventsas a guest only, but we can hardly see her at any SC event (Vanity night, Charity event semester B 2014). Where did she go and what did she do as a representative of RMIT students? 

IF WE DO NOT DO ANYTHING, after creating a big hole in RMIT students society, Ms President will still receive a" President of SC RMIT " for her CV while other students have to struggle and receive a very little benefit from what she did. THAT IS NOT RIGHT!


·  Sign up if you think you waste 70,000 VND each semester , sign up if you think Student council did not do their jobs as good as they can, sign up if you want to improve the future of RMIT community and Student Council Generation 4, sign up if you really want to live in an environment that worth your parent's money 

·  After receiving at least 150 signatures for this petition, we will send this to Mr. Steve Paris and Ms. Gael Mcdonnal ask RMIT to look at what we think is unfair, give us answers for all the questions and RMIT must take actions to prevent this to happen again.

·  For whom who are running for new SC generation, we think it is benefit for you to join with us and figure out what students really need as well as be able to prevent unnecessary problems



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