Help protect First Site Gallery

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Help protect First Site Gallery

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Liss Fenwick started this petition to RMIT University

To celebrate the milestone of First Site showcasing student work for 21 years RMIT has decided, without consultation from you, to stop facilitating the best student exhibitions in a fortnightly cycle.   :'(

First Site is one of the only spaces of its kind in Australia

and YOUR student gallery is now❗️UNDER THREAT❗️

Significant changes are swiftly rolling out that bring into question First Site's future as a critical and dynamic Art space. With such an uncertain and unclear future, we are worried. You should be too.

We need your voice to take a message to RMIT. 

Sign this petition if...
❤️ You like the way First Site operates
❤️ You don't want its standards or quality diluted
❤️ You love First Site's community and activities

Currently RMIT do not include audience figures or testimonials as part of their reporting bottom lines. In your comments we'd love to hear your great experiences of First Site and why its important. For more grunt it is essential to know if you are an RMIT student, alumni, staff member, representative of a broader Arts Organisation or gallery patron.

This petition will close lunchtime the 29th of Nov to meet RMITs tiny window for feedback (the day after First Site turns 21 birthday show) 


YES we can! Let's save First Site! 

Petition Closed

This petition had 1,926 supporters

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