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RM of Lorne: Say No to New Pig Barn!

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In 2017, despite widespread opposition from citizens, scientists, animal advocates and environmental organizations, the Manitoba Government passed Bill 24 (The Red Tape Reduction Act) which gutted environmental regulations, weakened measures that protect pigs from barn fires, and opened the door to pig industry expansion in the province. Confirming everyone's worst fears, proposals for new pig barns have begun.  

Late February, 2018 V.C. Hog Ltd submitted a proposal to build a large pig confinement facility which would hold 6,000 pigs just two miles south of Swan Lake.

Manitoba already has the largest pig industry in the country, producing over eight million pigs a year—a number which doesn’t even reflect the total number of pigs born into the industry, as an estimated 11 per cent die before even leaving the farm. The lives of these pigs was exposed in an undercover investigation at a pig barn in Arborg just a few years ago. The footage showed horrific abuse, including the confinement of pregnant pigs in barren crates so small they were unable to turn around, the mutilation of piglets without any pain relief, and the complete lack of medical attention for sick and suffering pigs.

The confined animals in the proposed new barn will produce an estimated 9-10 million gallons of raw sewage annually—enough to fill 14 Olympic sized swimming pools, all at a time when Manitoba is still coping with the devastating ecological and social consequences of past pig industry expansion which doubled the phosphorus load on Lake Winnipeg, contributing to the growth of deadly algae.

Please help us protect animals, the environment and the health of local residents by signing our petition opposing the building of this new barn.

Thank you for your support and for speaking out for animals!

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