Keep Noah Crowley from Attending Prom due to Racist Promposal

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According to a student named Erin Williams, there has been a race war going on inside of Riverview High School in Sarasota, Florida. One student by the name of Noah Crowley helped to perpetuate this unacceptable behavior by creating an offensive promposal sign which read, "If I was black I'd be picking cotton, but I'm white so I'm picking you for prom?"  

I personally believe that this young man needs to face consequences for his hurtful actions. I do not think he should be allowed to attend the prom this year. Please join me in signing this petition to let Riverside High School know how you feel. Please click the links above in red to see more information on what is happening at this high school. 

Noah's behavior is unacceptable and racist, and whether or not he apologized for his actions, I believe that his attendance would be an added risk to the safety of his fellow students on prom night. Prom is a time where young people have made drastic mistakes. Due to Noah's level of maturity, character, and judgement, I believe that he puts other students in danger, especially on a night that is known to be filled with various risk-taking activities that happen both before and after prom (i.e.: underage drinking, sexual assault, fighting, drunk driving, etc.). If he lacks the proper judgement that should urge him to respect his fellow peers, I believe his presence would be putting his fellow classmates at risk. Remember, the more kids that are in a group, the higher the likelihood for bad decisions, perhaps even tragedy, and putting students who have made poor decisions like Noah Crowley in that group just increases the likelihood of danger.