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California - Stop the Great Bull Run


An event in an unincorporated area of Riverside County near Temecula, California, scheduled for June 21, 2014, would actually allow people to pretend they’re in Spain running with bulls, with the potential to injure or kill animals and people.

Organized by Rob Dickens of The Great Bull Run, LLC, Dickens said "Broken bones, scrapes, cuts; I expect all that to happen.  Despite any injuries or even a death, all...runs will go on”

Just as in Pamplona,Spain, the bulls are exploited for "thrill seekers" have no say in the matter. They are treated as spectacles rather than as living, breathing, sentient beings who don’t belong in an arena or on a track, forced to run with thousands of rowdy, perhaps intoxicated people sprinting ahead of them. 

While it may be a "cultural tradition" in Spain, it isn't in the United States, and we ask that it not become one. We ask the Riverside County Board of Supervisors  not to grant permits for this type of animal exploitation and entertainment where both the animals, and people risk being injured or killed.

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  • Kecia Harper-Ihem, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors
    Riverside County Board of Supervisors

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