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Stop Ag. fertilizer runoff to the Indian River Lagoon and St Lucie River

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We must petition our government to stop allowing Agribusiness' polluted fertilizer runoff from the Kissimmee Basin, Lake Okeechobee, the EAA and the C-Series Canals to pollute the Indian River Lagoon and the St Lucie River of Martin County and the Treasure Coast. This is a highly documented problem. In 2000, the National Academy of Science & National Research Council documented in their national publication "Clean Coastal Waters, Understanding and Reducing the Effects of Nutrient Pollution," time sensitive recommendations for halting the immense amounts of phosphorus and nitrogen entering coastal waterways. It is 2012 and not enough progress has been made. Extensive agriculture fertilizer application, especially in the past 50 years, is the number one cause of "eutrophication" or toxic algal blooms as well as overall declining health of our waterways and ocean. Poor water quality; seagrass loss; fish kills; dolphin, manatee, fish deaths and sicknesses; dying coral reefs and human sickness are just a few of the documented problems caused by excess nutrients from fertilizer. The state has implemented "Best Management Practices," or BBPs, in the Agriculture Community to deal with this problem; however, there is no true policing of runoff amounts as agriculture is considered to have a "presumption of compliance" if they are participating. The amount of fertilizer and chemical runoff into local waterways remains extremely high and the Indian River Lagoon and St Lucie River continue to decline. Many local communities have placed fertilizer restrictions upon themselves through enactment of local ordinances. It is time to require the same of big agriculture.

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