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This petition is in support of the installation of 2 sand volleyball courts at the ice rink location in Constitution Park in River Forest, Illinois, for use during the non-Winter months ("RF Sand Volleyball Court Project"). The signatories to this petition hereby respectfully request that the River Forest Park District consider, approve and implement, as expeditiously as reasonably possible, the RF Sand Volleyball Court Project. 

Volleyball is a popular sport among children and adults. Volleyball is played in the U.S. in many organizations such as churches, the YMCA, park districts, volleyball clubs and schools.  Among females, it is ranked the third highest sport for participation at the high school level. 

River Forest’s public middle school, Roosevelt School, and River Forest’s public high school, OPRF, have multiple boys and girls volleyball teams.  River Forest’s parochial schools, including St. Luke’s Parish and Grace Lutheran, also have multiple volleyball teams.  River Forest also has a local club volleyball team, Triple Ace (, with hundreds of participating players, from 1st grade through high school. Finally, River Forest’s two local universities, Concordia University Chicago and Dominican University, have NCAA volleyball teams. In other words, volleyball is a popular sport in River Forest.  Every local coach that has responded to our written request for support for the RF Sand Volleyball Court Project, including the head varsity coaches at OPRF and coaches at Roosevelt School and Grace Lutheran School, has expressed enthusiastic support for the RF Sand Volleyball Court Project.

Currently, despite significant demand from River Forest residents, there is no opportunity for River Forest residents to engage in outdoor volleyball activities in the public parks of our village.  River Forest has nice outdoor park facilities to engage in the games of baseball, basketball, ice-hockey, lacrosse, paddle board, soccer, softball and tennis, but not volleyball.  There is excitement among many in the community at the prospect of a couple of nice sand volleyball courts to engage in sand volleyball during the non-Winter months. 

The River Forest Park District has expressed interest in implementing the RF Sand Volleyball Court Project (see the attached sketch received from the Park District), subject to a show of public support.  In order to get the process started, we need to gather 50 signatures from River Forest residents supporting the project (of course, the more, the better).  

Here is some relevant information regarding the RF Sand Volleyball Court Project:

  • Sand volleyball is a fun and beneficial activity.  Playing sand volleyball in an unstructured setting is a fun activity for those who are not competitive players and a beneficial activity for competitive players that just need an unstructured opportunity to enjoy the game and improve their skills. 
  • Sand Volleyball Courts are simple to install and cheap: principally, beach sand, posts and nets.
  • The RF Sand Volleyball Court Project does not interfere with the operation of the ice rink but is complementary.  First, there is no overlap in the use of the area as a result of the different seasons during which the space is used for ice hockey and sand volleyball.  Second, the annual repairs of the grass under the ice rink no longer will be necessary as the subsurface of the ice rink will be sand.
  • The park area used for the ice rink (and the proposed RF Sand Volleyball Court Project) is small, leaving the remaining large tracts of green park space unchanged for use by other Constitution Park visitors.
  • Oak Park, Forest Park and Berwyn have sand volleyball courts. 

We look forward to the swift implementation of the RF Sand Volleyball Court Project.

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