District 90 Families Support In-Person Learning Beginning January 19th, 2021


District 90 Families Support In-Person Learning Beginning January 19th, 2021

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Citizens of River Forest started this petition to District 90 Board of Education and

The sole purpose of this River Forest, IL community petition is to demonstrate community support for District 90 leaders in a decision now to re-initiate on January 19th, 2021 the “Blended (in person) in-person learning plan” originally planned to begin October 21st, 2020.

Signatures here are a sign of support for our board of education, administration, teachers and staff.  The D90 team worked tirelessly to adapt and develop incrementally safer and multidimensional plans and for returning to in-person instruction over many months.  This team has also been caught between friends, co-workers and neighbors all wanting the best for students and themselves at a time when gathering to clear the air, shake a hand and look community members straight in the eye isn’t the best idea.  We’re all victims of COVID in different ways, but the collective toll on our children is becoming irreversible and District 90 has the power and authority to return to in person instruction. 

Signature on this petition is no claim of identity, group or persuasion.  Signature here accepts our humanness and doesn’t suggest that any board, board member, any administrator, teacher, staff or district volunteer can eliminate all risk.  This has never been the case for any problem in our society and never will be.  We are all humans.  In this, we are all in it together and together we support a decision to return to in-person learning beginning January 19th, 2021.

These factors weigh heavy on the collective support of this petition:

Science supports the re-opening of schools

1. Dr. Fauci is clear "The default position should be to try as best as possible, within reason, to keep the children in school, to get them back to school"

2. School children do not fuel surges in virus cases, and case numbers will only continue to exceed arbitrary dashboard thresholds keeping children out of school.

3. There is clear guidance from the state of Illinois about the precautions required by schools.  Schools in the area have been successful in following this guidance with hybrid and in-person instruction since August.

4. The best available data suggests that infection rates in schools simply mirror the prevalence of covid-19 in the surrounding community.

Our children are falling behind, socially, emotionally and academically.

1. COVID-19 learning loss is real and is made worse the longer that children are kept out of classrooms.

2. Social anxiety is increasing with the isolation caused by extended school closures and lack of clarity on when schools will re-open. 

3. Many of D90’s comparable school districts (Western Springs, Hinsdale, Glencoe {on an adaptive pause now}, Winnetka) offer families an in-person option. These are the districts homebuyers look at in addition to River Forest, and higher test scores create attractiveness and prop up home values.  D90 already lost its Exemplary status in two schools and further delays in returning to in-person instruction will undoubtedly lower test scores further.  

For those in our community with students with special needs or in low-income or limited income households, these nearly eight months of school closure is producing an anti-equity outcome.  

1. Families are forced to leave school-age kids home without support. 

2. Special needs families are not having the services outlined in their IEPs met. 

3. For a district committed to diversity, school closures are not affecting families equitably and those students most behind in March will be even further behind now.

Find details on D90 Blended (in person) Learning Plan here

Edited to reflect Jan 18th as MLK Day and Jan 19th as actual first day


This petition made change with 536 supporters!

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