We demand the temporary suspension of the new Local Development Plan #Hortaésfutur

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Rita Barberá’s city council has decided that now, few months away from an election they might lose, is the best moment to announce a new Local Development Plan (PGOU) that proposes, amongst others things, to develop 415 hectares (more than 500 football pitches) of Valencian “Horta”. More concrete, roads and roundabouts in a city that is really lacking green spaces.


Why such a rush? Valencia has no need to transform any more “Horta” into building sites. The city of Valencia has lost in excess of 30,000 souls in the last five years and currently has more than 57,000 empty dwellings and enough building sites to build 38,000 more. Current forecasts estimate that the city will still lose population for many years to come.


We want a more democratic city planning. What Valencia needs is a change in urban development model, where citizens decide, in collaboration with the council, the future of their city. We need a kinder, greener and less polluted Valencia. The approval of this PGOU would make that impossible. We need an economic system that does not plunder the environment and a true democracy.


The new PGOU will determine and condition the urban development of Valencia for decades to come. Saying that development will not start immediately is not an excuse and does not make things better. Reclassifying more “Horta” as land that can be developed means to continue with an economic model based on urban speculation, which has been devastating for the environment and the economy. It will hinder the agricultural use of the land, which could only be preserved by paying millions in compensation to landowners. Most likely, the beneficiaries of this PGOU will be the usual suspects: banks and developers that bought land to speculate and are now ready to cash in.

#Hortaésfutur (Hortaisfuture) and we want to preserve it. All of it. Aside from Valencia’s PGOU, development plans from neighbouring towns (Tavernes Blanques and Alboraia) could mean the disappearance of most “Horta” north of Valencia, and an irreparable loss for our quality of life. Now more than ever, we need the “Horta” to be a point of reference of our identity, our heritage and our culture; the “greens lungs” of the city, a source of employment and healthy food that is now threatened by this PGOU.


We demand the temporary suspension of the PGOU. The citizens must have the opportunity to democratically decide the future of the city of Valencia and its “Horta”. #hortaésfutur

Petición en castellano

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