Urgent: Large Animal Hospital Needed in Rishikesh

Urgent: Large Animal Hospital Needed in Rishikesh



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This petition is for submission to the local government office.

The main concern is sick or injured stray cows, mules, donkeys and horses, and other larger stray animals, as there are no current hospital facilities for them.

There are some animal hospitals for small to middle-sized animals. However, when a large bull gets injured, he has no treatment facility.

Fortunately, there are exceptionally good vets and hardworking animal rescue NGOs in Rishikesh, but unfortunately, there are no well-equipped hospitals for larger animals. 

The government does support the treatment of stray animals, but due to a lack of regional facilities, we cannot take maximum advantage of this. 

Vets and rescuers can provide on-site treatment even when circumstances are unfavorable.

We can save more lives if we have appropriate hospitals for these animals.

This petition asks Nagar Palika, a local government official of Rishikesh, to consider making hospital facilities available for all animals and purchasing an animal ambulance for larger animals.

Please give us your voice and signature in support of this petition.

With sufficient public demand, this dream can become a reality.




As most of us already know, the fatal lumpy skin virus is widespread in India, and unfortunately, several cases have already been found here in Rishikesh.

It may be a little late for this case, but still, animals need hospital facilities. As we have skillful veterinarians and trustworthy NGOs for animal rescue, the only thing lacking is a hospital.

Firstly, I would like to submit the petition to the local authority, and then if they are short of funds, I would like to ask them to start a crowdfunding project.

I appreciate your understanding of the situation and, if possible, being able to sign the petition.