Tell New York City Shelters to STOP killing dogs every single day!

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Last week, while attempting to foster a black lab mix, I experienced first hand the horrific tragedy that is occurring daily at NYC ACC.  Each evening, several dogs(approximately 5 to 6) are placed on a DEATH ROW list and are killed only 18 hours later if they are not adopted or rescued and fostered.  The clock begins ticking at 6:30pm.  The shelter closes shortly afterwards so many of those precious 18 hours are lost.  Most of these condemned dogs have only been at the shelter for 3 days.  They die without even going to one adoption event.  They may be someone's missing pet who did not get lucky enough to be quickly reunited with their heartbroken owner.  The NYC ACC kills otherwise healthy and adoptable dogs for no reason other than to free up space and save money on their care.  

Please help me effect change by signing my petition. I will petition senior management at the NYC ACC and local government representatives to make changes to their heartless euthanasia policies. Let's give these animals more time. The rescue volunteers need more time to process foster applications, potential adopters need more time to physically get to the shelters in the 5 boroughs of NYC, animals could be transported to other shelters that have available space and where their odds of adoption would improve, and they could be taken to adoption events by caring volunteers. These options can be successful for many beautiful and adoptable dogs if they are given the gift of more time.  Please sign and share my petition with all of your animal loving friends and family.  Thank you!