Rp evry win in ranked in League of legends SHARE IT EVRYWHERE!!!

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Hello people
I want to change the world, I want to change lol forever, so this is my proposal
Whenever you win a ranked earnings in addition to the pl, even a minimal amount of RP like:
5 in iron
8 in bronze
10 in silver
15 in gold
20 in platinum
30 in diamond
50 in master
100 in challenger
League of legends has many players and if each of them won 200 ranked per year the company would lose (counting that most of them are from silver down) about 2000 rp per player per year.
I believe that for a company that now earns big money could be possible if it sees a high interest of the community, add this feature that maybe would also bring the bronzes to try to win to get that much desired skin on yasuo