Revert the new League of Legends Ranked Borders

Revert the new League of Legends Ranked Borders

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Started by Ranked Borders

Dear Riot,

We all know change is good for the most part, it keeps things entertaining and fun.
But some changes feel like they are a step in the wrong direction.

Sadly I'm talking about the new "Ranked Borders".

They feel like they come from a mobile game and for me putting the grind in to get to a new amazing border that feeling is gone. Most games I start in the first thing people say is "what are those borders?" and to be honest, I have to agree..

The old borders had some flair to them, joining the Lobby with the armor sliding over my profile icon, that was a good feeling. The further u got in the ranks the cooler it became.

Now it just feels like Iron and Bronze are the same, Silver and Diamond are the same but Diamond is a little bigger and brighter. 

Heck even the oldest Ranked Borders look better than these..

So please Riot, on behalve of everyone that is voting for this petition.

Revert the new Ranked Borders to their old ones or atleast give us the option to choose the old ones over these.

Because sadly this minimalistic design, is not the one.

Kind Regards,
The League of Legends Community

82 have signed. Let’s get to 100!