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Riot Games: Please Create A North American East Coast Server.

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As much as we love League of Legends, we expect Riot Games to uphold a certain standard in pleasing the players who support them. By creating an east coast server, players who suffer from latency issue due to bridging across NA from one side to the other will notice a significant decrease in network lag. This improves response times and overall gameplay enjoyment. This is important in expanding to more players who thrive to play competitively in their games by appealing to the eastern side of NA as well as improving the response times for players of those areas who already play. This petition is to help Riot Games see how much the players are really interested. Our goal is to try and get at least 1,000 people to support this cause or more!


The idea is about linking the database between the two servers. There will be no full split just split on servers. You can still choose west or east at login, say you get 20 ping east and your friend on west gets 60 ping to east. However, you get 100 ping to west and your friend gets 40 ping to west you're likely to play on east for the duration of your games. However if you're playing with a ranked team, if most of them get lower ping to west than east than of course you will want to play west with them so your team is less affected by latency issues. This is really just a great fix in my opinion. You're not stuck on west or east in this case.

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