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Sparsh Gill started this petition to Riot Games and

It's Been 10 years

Right now India has very few options to fully experience League of legends the way it is supposed to be experienced.
We have 3 servers that we can play on->
North America (230 ms)
EU West (180 ms)
Garena (70 ms)

Now you'd think Garena is the best option but its really not. The majority of Indian League players still choose to play on NA because of a language barrier on Garena and long queues. Even though a lot of India doesnt have internet the parts that do have more potential players than Oceania and probably NA too.

Currently I have about 15 friends who play League and I know over 50 people personally who play dota. Lets face it League is prettier and a lot more fun and the only reason people are probably playing dota 2 here is because League of Legends does not have proper servers here.

The problem with EU west:
Long queues, Language Barrier just like Garena and the ping isnt any better.

It would be great if Riot could get us a server of our own like South Korea and China. Pro Gaming is growing in India with lots of gaming houses being set up and a Riot Server would be really great. The only reason we're not seeing a lot of Indians in the league community is because we dont have a server that is reliable.

Ps: Garena's service quality is poor and the server is really empty.
Tldr: Indians dont have a proper server to play on, please give us a riot server



This petition made change with 112 supporters!

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