Give vman his main account "vman7" back.

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VMan was unfairly perma banned, many of the reports have no justification, and one of them even just says "VMan nuff said". He has not been very toxic towards his team mates, and should NOT have a perma ban.

 Don't believe me? Look for yourself!

  Game 1- He calls the Nidalee bad, yes, but he didn't really "abuse his team". He calls his team "heavy".....not an insult.

 Game 2- He doesn't say ANYTHING negative the entire game, he only presented constructive criticism about malphite's build and spell priority. He was reported for having a bad game as Garen. 

 Game 3- Again, he does not say anything negative the entire game, only provides constructive criticism to his team.

 Game 5- VMan literally only says "op" and "wat" the entire game, and yet somehow this case got to the tribunal. He tried out Heimerdinger, and was reported for "trolling", even though he did not intentionally feed. 6 deaths in a 32 minute game is NOT "troll play".

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