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Bring URF back instead of ARURF!

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Riot games (developer company of the famous game League of Legends) has developed a really good game mode called Ultra Rapid Fire (URF). Most of the people were happy about the gamemode and it was first available only in April as it was kind of an "April Fools Game Mode". Then it became available sometimes at the weekends as every weekend there is a "special" game mode available. It was all good. The con of the mode was that the picks were repetitive and there were champions showing up more often than others.

Riot games adressed the issue and came up with the idea of randomizing the champion picks and decided to call it All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (ARURF). The problems with this version of the game mode are that the problem hasn't been solved but it was made worse. The Tier 1 champion still can be seen on URF but now you most of time don't have the oppportunity to play against them as a Tier 1 champ as you might get something total garbage that you didn't want to, but are FORCED TO PLAY IT! You don't have the freedom to play a champion you like/want to play but the system picks one for you. Also there is a version where garbage champions play against Tier 1 champions and it is something that happens often making the game feel unfair (probably because it is actually unfair). Also ARURF Co-op vs AI games and ARURF custom games don't exist, while URF custom games and Co-op vs AI ones did, enabling beginner players to test their skills against the AI and 1v1's or 2v2's for fun.

Don't get me wrong, I understand that some people are bored of playing against the same champions, but in this mode you are still going to play against them and your chances will be much worse. If some people still consider ARURF better than URF then let it be! But please Riot Games, give us the chance to play regular URF and ARURF aswell. These 2 are different gamemodes, NOT THE SAME. And if you still think they are, well based on that Normal games and ARAM games are the same aswell. Well no, they aren't.

What do I want to achieve?

Make us able to play Ultra Rapid Fire sometimes instead of All Random Ultra Rapid Fire. I think that the 2 gamemodes shouldn't eliminate eachother, they could sometimes go live separately. Sometimes URF, sometimes ARURF.

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