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Ringling Bros: Retire Carol the elephant who was shot in a drive-by

Did you hear that a 39 year old endangered Asian elephant named Carol was shot in Mississippi?

I'm not a fan of the circus in general the way they use those sharp metal bullhooks on elephants and keep them on the road most of the year. I've seen the undercover videos.

But if Ringling Bros circus cares about animals at all, they need to  keep Carol off their tours and retire her. There are reports that she's going to be out for several weeks, but why can't the circus just let her enjoy life in a more natural way?

No one can tell me that those circus tricks and shipping elephants cross-country in train cars and trucks to perform under bright lights is what's best for Carol, can they?

Please sign this to show Ringling Bros that you are against them putting Carol on tour after she was just shot in a drive-by. This is the least they can do when these animals are out there performing their entire lives for the circus.

Photo from manuelsvay

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Ringling Bros.
Ringling Bros.
Retire Carol who was shot in a drive-by. Anyone who cares about animals knows that you shouldn't keep an elephant who was just shot on the road just to keep making money. Please retire Carol. After all she's given you, let her live the rest of her live in peace.

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