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THERE HAVE BEEN 291 MASS SHOOTINGS SINCE 2013 AND WE STILL DO NOT HAVE GUN CONTROL IN AMERICA.  WE CANNOT WAIT FOR CONGRESS TO DO THE RIGHT THING...WE MUST ACT.  ALL FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN, ALL STUDENTS ACROSS AMERICA, SEND A MESSAGE THEY CANNOT IGNORE: DO NOT GO TO SCHOOL ON “MAY DAY”, MAY 1st!  FORCE CONGRESS TO PASS GUN CONTROL LAWS BY MAKING IT ABSOLUTELY CLEAR THE CARNAGE MUST STOP.  We must demand that America 1) eliminate the free-for-all public purchasing of automatic weapons and assault rifles; and 2) stop all people with ANY HISTORY of mental health disorder diagnoses from buying guns, 3) open gun clubs that are highly regulated for public safety, so that is where those who want their gun toys can go to express their right to bear arms.  

EVERY AMERICAN has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  These inalienable rights superceed the rights of the individual gun enthusist to own weapons of mass destruction.  Today, guns are a billion dollar industry.  This profitable enterprise is why our country is losing over 33,000 people to gun violence each year.  During our first 45 days of 2018 there have already been 17 mass shootings, including the deadliest school shooting in America’s history.  The situation is dire, insane and horrifying!  Deaths of our students has become so commonplace that we no longer mourn as a nation.  We actually accept the killing of our loved ones as the new “normal”.  I am a therapist.  In just my own tiny sphere of existence, I have had one friend and two clients involved in mass shootings, and my niece would have been at the Las Vegas shooting had her plans not been cancelled that day.  All four of these people were involved in four separate mass shooting incidences!  What are the odds of that?  With Congress’ failure to act, let alone care, the odds are growing. And I can also tell you, mental illness is on the rise in America...and those afflicted are buying guns.  Will you join the movement?

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