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Alarming pollution level ! Wake up India!!

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Dear Narendra Modi Ji /Manohar Lal Khattar Ji/Arvind Kejriwal ji/Yogi Aditya ji, respected CM`s and concerned authorities -

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children"

The air pollution constitutes a serious health emergency. Each day our health is getting profoundly affected, many of us and our children’s and elders suffering from respiratory problems. Bad air is already causing a spike in the people with asthma and reduced lung function. There is already evidence of a spectrum of health problems, ranging from allergies and respiratory conditions, malformations, growth restrictions and even an increasing incidence of cancers, all of which could be related to increased pollution.

Hazardous for health -

- As per leading medical journal around 2.5 Million people died because of pollution in 2015 in India.
- As per top doctors of Delhi/NCR “avoid morning walks to save your lungs”.
- As per report, as many as 1.2 million deaths take place every year due to air pollution in India.

Delhi - IMA(Indian medical association) already declared public health emergency in Delhi and many schools are closed now for few days. All the avoidable outdoor activities are suspended. Delhi has the dubious honor of having 13 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities. The WHO found that Delhi had an average of 153 micrograms of the smallest particles, known as PM2.5s, per cubic meter in its air. The international “safe” level for these particles is 6 micrograms per cubic meter.

Gurgaon- Over the past few months PM 10 & PM 2.5 level have crossed the danger level. The AQI has remained very poor and being consistently over 330.Gurgaon turned into gas chamber.

Mumbai – Nearly 1,000 tons of deadly pollutants are released in the atmosphere every day. It has been estimated that every individual in south Mumbai ‘smokes’ 10 cigarettes a day even if he is a non-smoker.

Kolkata- According to a survey conducted by the NEERI and the Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority, 50 per cent of the residents of Kolkata suffered from respiratory diseases due to air pollution.

Images taken by a NASA satellite showed that India’s air quality has steadily worsened during the five-year period. Number of deaths in India caused by Air pollution is only fraction less than number of deaths caused by caused by tobacco usage and three percent of GDP lost due to air pollution. “Putting it together, we are heading towards health disasters.

Situation is alarming now!!It needs to be improved at war footing. Right to clean air should be our fundamental right.

We urge Prime minister office, Government of Haryana, Delhi, UP, Maharashtra, Bengal and all other states to respond with the urgency and force appropriate public health emergency. The situation begs urgent attention and action from civic authorities and placing public health at its highest priority. We look forward to your immediate intervention on the matter.

India, I am initiating this petition in your behalf, this is not an individual`s petition, this is your petition and voice of India. Please sign this petition, request Government, respective ministry and authorities to make India pollution free.

Thanking you in anticipation!!


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