Right To Be Free Of Debt - Legislation to Permanently Enact Section 2202 of the CARES ACT

Right To Be Free Of Debt - Legislation to Permanently Enact Section 2202 of the CARES ACT

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Brandon Dean started this petition

Permanently instate the 2020 CARES ACT - Section 2202.

This petition will be set in motion to get rid of student debt and personal debt and help workers save for retirement while accumulating capital. 

Section 2202 of CARES ACT of 2020 allows withdrawal of retirement funds that can be paid back to the retirement account without a penalty. 

This petition will make possible the means to get rid of student debt, finance a home purchase, eliminate high-interest personal debt loans accumulated in destressed times or other situations. Furthermore, this petition will start the revolution to turn accumulated debt into an asset. Example: buy a car with your savings and save for retirement at the same time. It should be the individual right to self bank with one's retirement savings. Why should you have to invest in a corporation's stock or mutual fund that is speculative and can lose you money? 

Common terminology: This petition allows one to borrow from retirement account savings and return those savings without penalty until permanently removed from the retirement account. 

Simply, this petition allows US citizens to borrow money from retirement accounts and return the money without penalty if the funds are returned within stipulated guideline periods and conditions.

Currently, there is a penalty of 10% when one withdraws funds from a retirement account, e.g., hardship withdrawals. On the other hand, there are programs at companies that currently allow employees to borrow money from 401k accounts without penalty - these programs are used as retention benefits to retain or recruit employees. Furthermore, the funds are considered income and further taxed at a total included income tax rate. I AM PETETIONING TO MAKE the United States of America IRS TAX CODE PERMANENTLY CHANGED TO ALLOW RETIREMENT ACCOUNT SAVINGS TO BE BORROWED AND REPAID WITH INTEREST AND PRINCIPLE AS IS DONE WITH REGULAR BANKING AND LOAN SYSTEMS. In addition, these borrowed funds can be set to interest rates and conditions so that an individual can retain savings and earn interest as an investment such is done with a bond or security investment. "Smart Contracts" via crypto assets may be included in these investments via retirement accounts to ease complexities if needed - e.g. DeFi apps that regulate assets attached to crypto coins that may be purchased within a retirement account - that coin is the self loan asset. 

Student debt, personal debt, unexpected life events, mortgage debt, or the right to "Self Bank." These debt examples and other means of financial transactions are common practice debt accumulation that can be paid off by current systems or systems similar to the legislation passed in the 2020 CARES ACT - Section 2202

Why ask the government for money when you have the money earned by you within a company or self-directed retirement account. 

I pray for you to recognize the importance of permanently changing the United States IRS Code Law that excessively taxes people who are often in distress and withdraw funds from their IRAs or 401ks and end up losing their savings and lives. In addition, employers often unjustifiably do not allow employees to borrow from their retirement accounts and are penalized and lose their retirement savings and may succumb to distressed situations that should be temporary. Why is it allowed to cause unnecessary hardship on workers? It is a sin. Why does a working person have to borrow from a bank when they can borrow from themselves and save their money for retirement? Therefore, I am petitioning permanent legislative means to borrow from and make investments that allow tax-sheltered Self Banking (or self-directed loans via retirement accounts). 

This petition is a fundamental element for CHANGE that strengthens US citizens' and workers' savings. In addition, this system can increase homeownership and decrease personal debt that causes undue stress on individuals and their families. Finally, this petition will confirm support of financial freedom that goes hand in hand with strong Democratic Republic governments. 

I ask you to support a better, more vital world where individuals can invest in themselves and their futures without hardship. 

This petition will be sent to US Senators and Congress people that have influence on committees that can change the IRS Coding System with legislation. Furthermore, this petition will be sent to PIPs (Politically Important People).

Please show your support, power, vote, finances, and anything and everything to get this petition in front of the people to make true CHANGE. Share this petition and help get it signed by as many people as possible. 

Thank you, 

Brandon S. Dean, RCP




229 have signed. Let’s get to 500!