Save Horsham skatepark heritage!

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Horsham skatepark has been a huge attraction for 20 years, not only for the local community but the thousands of professional and amature users from all over the UK (and even across the world) that travel to ride it every year. It's been added to and eventually revamped over the years as any skatepark with increasing popularity needs. Yet the main aesthetic of the skatepark, simple wooden transitions and banks allowing users to boost, has always been respectfully ahered to in it's two decades of existence.

However this style of skatepark is under threat as many wooden skateparks like ours are being demolished with promises of like-for-like skatepark designs in concrete. Many have found out the hard way that you get less concrete for the same money as wood, the permanent state of concrete makes rectifying mistakes next to impossible and the surfacing method used is extremely slippery and is far more likely to cause injury to users. Plywood skateparks like Horsham are decreasing in Sussex while plaza style skateparks are increasing, we at the Horsham Skatepark Heritage Association feel it would be a shame to lose a part of Horsham's heritage and for it to become indistinguishable from other parks in the area.

Please consider signing our petition to request that Horsham council conserve the wooden aesthetic of Horsham Skatepark.