Please open our barns and our businesses. The horses have to eat!

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We, the undersigned petition for riding lessons to resume. 

This activity is unique, different from other sports programs, naturally safe to engage in and highly beneficial.


1.        Unlike other sports, riding is a highly individualized activity and IS already physically distanced due to safety practices naturally and inherently present in the activity.

2.       Riding is a unique combination of sport, farm work, fitness and mental well-being and is not comparable to other sports programs.

3.       Typically, there are no more than 5 or 6 people in spaces of approximately 8,000  – 15,000 square feet.  This is area of 1,300  to over 3,000 square feet per person in the space and participants actively stay apart due to inherent equine safety requirements.  There is no logic or fairness in denying riding lessons in these huge spaces when personal services such as hair cuts and massages are permitted.

4.       Riding actually isn’t done indoors, but takes place in huge covered outdoor spaces  where outdoor clothing is required.  This is NOT a typical indoor setting. 

5.       Riding fosters tremendous physical and mental health benefits and we are at a time when people need these things most.  ALL ages and types of people can benefit from this activity.  Contrary to popular belief, the horse does NOT do all the work, and heart rates of 100 to 180/minute are not uncommon depending on how vigorous the riding.  Riding is a tremendous fitness and mental health activity.  The horse/human connection is advanced in its’ ability to positively improve emotional and mental well-being - something desperately need at this time.

6.       Horses also need to maintain their physical and mental state of fitness which requires them to remain in a program.  Supervision for safety to both equines and participants is essential by experienced, knowledgeable providers – ie coaches and trainers.

7.       The closure of lesson programs negatively impacts the ability of the owners to provide feed and care to the horses.  Lack of income from lesson programs means lack of nutrition and health care for horses.  Horses cannot simply be put away for use later like a piece of sports equipment.  Their welfare is suffering under the current restrictions.

8.       Stables have many Covid protocols in place and CAN operate extremely safely.  These businesses are actively engaged in physical distancing, hand sanitation stations, increased santitation practices, common space closures, stringent scheduling, occupancy limits, no equipment sharing, and masks in the facilities.  There is no reason to keep these programs shut down.

The benefits of well-managed equine activities are many, present extremely low risks and should be permitted along with the necessary supervision. 

PLEASE allow lessons that can demonstrate compliance with all COVID-19 protocols