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Rider University: Sanctuary now!

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In a recent Rider News article, Rider University President Dell’omo is quotes saying that Rider University would not adopt policies consistent with a “sanctuary university campus” which includes a set of policy guidelines to provide support for students, faculty, staff and campus residents that could come under attack by government anti-immigrant policies and policies targeting foreign born from designated nations, currently including Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Rider has a housing sharing agreement with Mercer County Community College so there is interest in the students and administration of Mercer County College in protecting the campus grounds from encroachments by federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The American Association of University Professors, which represents the faculty, librarians, athletic coaches and athletic trainers at Rider, supports sanctuary policies. Their official statement reads as follows:

"Of special importance is the status of those among our students who are undocumented, many of whom have been in this country since early childhood. Concern for the welfare of these students has already prompted a rash of petitions calling on colleges and universities to become ‘sanctuary campuses.’ We support the movement for sanctuary campuses." 

It is only by taking such steps can institutions like Rider University truly support the safety and well being of the student body and truly commit itself to diversity.

We call upon President Dell’omo, the administration, and Rider’s Board of Trustees to adopt policies consistent with declaring itself a sanctuary campus and that these steps be taken in support of students, faculty, university and contracted service staff and residents who partake in the Rider residency sharing arrangements with other colleges.

Due to the housing sharing agreement between Rider University and Mercer County Community College, we also direct this petition to Dr. Jianping Wang, president of Mercer County College and also call for similar protections for on the Mercer County College campus for the community that studies, works and visits there.  We call upon Dr. Wang to join us in making these demands for the Rider campus as well.

We also call upon the administrations of all of NJ universities and colleges to adopt these standard protections for the students, staff, faculty and campus visitors:

Rider University, Mercer County Community College, and all NJ college and university administrations must adopt the following specific policies:

1.      The refusal of campus police/public safety to enforce immigration law.

2.      Refusal to allow the United States Immigration and Customs Encorcement (ICE) onto campus without a warrant, and deny any student immigration status requests from ICE.

3.      The college/university will not collect student information on immigration or citizenship status; that is, the institution(s) will ensure equal opportunity to all.

4.      The college/university will provide tuition support, including in-state tuition rates at public universities to students with DACA status.

5.      The college/university will provide distance-learning options for deported students to complete their degrees.[2]

6.      The college/university will provide confidential legal support to students with immigration law questions and issues.


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