Bring Daredevil Back to Marvel

Bring Daredevil Back to Marvel

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Luisito Jr. Mina started this petition to Ricky Strauss and

Daredevil is a beloved, popular, lucrative, groundbreaking action tv series developed by Marvel and Netflix. It has been cancelled by Netflix, with fans all across the Internet decrying the loss of such a popular show, especially after a critically acclaimed third season, with many more storylines planned by the actors and showrunners in future seasons. There is a huge fan demand from comic book fans AND mainstream tv watchers to bring back Daredevil, and the obviously large amount of revenue it would bring to Marvel TV and Disney+ Streaming Service.

#SaveDaredevil #DaredevilReborn

Bring Daredevil back to Marvel TV or Disney+, either buying out the shows from Netflix, or working out some sort of joint ownership deal, similar to the Sony Spider-Man properties and Marvel Cinematic Universe joint ownership deal.

The fan praise, popularity, box office numbers, and landmark historical cultural impact of bringing Spider-Man back to Marvel movies--under certain conditions worked out with Sony--is proof that working out mutually beneficial deals between competing companies can work and has worked in the past, to massive profits and fan praise.

A secondary goal is to bring the shows Punisher, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage to Disney+ or Marvel in general, especially the Punisher show, as it is only one season in, is critically acclaimed, and has a lot more room to expand.

Personal story
I am an avid superhero media fan who started a petition to bring back Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, when many were claiming that deal would never happen. After trying to post the petition to bring Spider-Man to the MCU in various parts of social media, I was mocked and told it would never happen, that corporated greed and narrow focus of executives to ignore big picture profits would kill any potential deal. Being told that, it hurt.

I lost heart. I gave up on the petition, dreaming of a lost future where a character beloved by all cultures would not be returned to the place he would shine the most.

Luckily, the companies involved saw the benefit, and they cut a deal without need for my petition. We got lucky. They got lucky. The hardest thing is for big entities such as corporations to see the benefit in cooperation between competing rivals--they're lucky they saw the light and are profiting off that cooperation to this day.

I'm not losing heart this time. I'm not giving up.

Having predicted the return of Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe despite the fact critics and fans had despaired and assumed permanent failure, I believe we are in a similar situation now with the Daredevil TV show. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
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