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Remove the dogs being left outside in freezing temperatures and give them to a local rescue

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1/10/13: I do want to add to this petition that, while this specific petition was started for these two Kalamazoo dogs, I hope that it serves a greater purpose. This is a movement - antiquated laws that leave pets to the mercy of interpretation need to be improved. Let these two dogs be the example for what we need to do as a dog-loving community - we need to draw attention to cases like this in hopes that we can get legislative action taken. Let's get lawmakers to take notice so that the laws aren't so vague and so animals are given a voice.

Two dogs in Kalamazoo, MI are being left outside in negative temperatures. Temperatures in Kalamazoo, MI hit record-breaking lows on Monday (1/6) at -12 degrees and Tuesday (1/7) at -11. These dogs spent the majority of these days in a snow-filled cage with frozen food and water bowls.

Despite the pleas of 100+ people to local authorities, animal control and the animal cruelty hotline - the dogs are living outside without regular access to warmth and drinkable water. This situation has been covered by CBS 3 in Michigan but the owner of the dogs refuses to give them up or bring them inside until the weather subsides. Without the help of the government to enforce animal cruelty laws, these dogs can freeze to death! The same people owned the two dogs' mother who died outside in April of this year. Please help spread the word.

According to the, "THE MICHIGAN PENAL CODE (EXCERPT) Act 328 of 1931: (m) "Water" means potable water that is suitable for the age and species of animal that is made regularly available unless otherwise directed by a licensed veterinarian."

This subsection of the law (aside from the other subsections that permit to the weather and conditions) alone proves animal cruelty-neglect by the owners of the dogs. Basic science tells us that when putting water outside in below freezing temperatures, the water will FREEZE and thus, it is impossible the dogs have regular access to drinking water.

These owners are breaking the law by this one fact alone - they do not deserve to retain their dogs. This petition is for pets and pet owners everywhere. Animal cruelty laws are all too often interpreted in a way that hurts the animal. You wouldn't leave your dogs outside for 12 hours a day in freezing conditions - don't let these two have to suffer. They need a chance to be companions and treated like family members.

What happens if we stop fighting for them? I don't want to find out.

**DISCLAIMER** (better safe than sorry!): I just want to clarify to all of you that are signing - I created this petition based off of: the photos provided, information provided by a neighbor, video feed (CBS 3) and what I read on Michigan law. I used those things to form an opinion to create this petition. Its contents are my opinion which are based on the information that was available to me.

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