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Free Wrongfully Convicted Thelonious "Shawn'' Searcy

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STATEMENT OF FACTS:                                                                                                 On May 9,2005, following a jury trial, Thelonious Searcy a.k.a. "Skinnyman", was convicted of first degree premeditated murder contrary to MCL 750.316.                     (1)a:MSA 28.548, Assult with intent to commit murder, contrary to MCL 750.83; MSA 28.278 and Felony Firearm, contrary to MCL 750,2276; MSA 28.424.                             On May 23,2005, Thelonious Searcy was sentenced to life by Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, Chief Judge Timothy M. Kenny, for his current murder conviction, a concurrent sententencing of 15-30years for the Assult with the Intent to Murder, and   a consecutive term of 2 years imprisonmenet for felony firearm...                                                                                                                                                                   WHEN THIS CASE OCCURRED:                                                                                    This incident took place on September 5, 2004. During a party being held at The City Airport, called "The Black Party"!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  THE VICTIMS:                                                                                                                  Jamal Deshon Segars, who was killed                                                                          Brian Minner, who was shot in the leg                                                                                                                                                                                                             THE PROSECUTOR'S THEORY:                                                                                    Wayne County Prosecutor, Patrick Muskat, was the prosecutor in Searcy's case. It was the prosecutor's theory, that Searcy killed Jamal Segars, in the case of mistakin idenitity. Prosecutor Muskat, believed that the victim was killed due to an on going feud between Searcy a.k.a "Skinnyman" and DeAnthony Termiah Witcher. Prosecutor Patrick Muskat, used DeAnthony Witcher as the star witness, under MCL 404B. This particular caselaw is used to establish motive, or transferred intent. It also deals with previous bad act's and a person's character.                                                                                                                                                                              FACT'S ACCORDING TO THE RECORDS:                                                                     1.) Searcy was never charged with the allege shooting of DeAnthony Witcher, that occured on November 13,2003 on Spring Garden of Detroit, Mi                                       2.) On May 2, 2005, Trial Transcript Volume 1, DeAnthony Witcher told the prosectutor, that he didn't want to testify against Searcy. Prosecutor Muskat, said he didn't have a legal basis not to testify..(Page 120, 121)                                                     3.) Judge Timothy Kenny said, "Well Should I Tell Him How Much Time He's Going To Get, If He Don't"                                                                                                  4.) On May 3,2005 Tuesday Volume 2 Trial Transcript Page 4. Prosecutor Patrick Muskat..(lines 1-7) states: 1) The Court : A Petitition do you mean a                                                                      2) Petition? Mr. I'm                                                                                                        3)Sorry your honor I don't                                                                                              4) Fill out a petition, I thought based on verbal record                                                  5) I just typed the order that I was going to request the                                                    court to sign                                                                                                                6) I have an un-signed order granting Mr Witcher use                                                  7)  immunity.                                                                           5.) May 3, 2005 Trial Transcript Volume 2 Page 6 Judge Timothy M. Kenny states: thank you Mr Nelson, I have in facts signed the order and Mr Witcher will be provided with Granted Use Immunity with Regard to his testimony...                               6.) Photo Identification: By witness, Tiffany King/ May 3, 2005 Volume 11 Page 83 lines 6-12 Questions asked by Searcy's trial Attorney Robert Mitchell..                              line 6: The police never showed you any pictures of him did                                        line 7: they?                                                                                                                    line 8: No they did not                                                                                                    line 9: You never attended any physical line up where they had,                                  line 10 & 11: Young men line up behind a screen and you come down and                                       identify them, is that right?                                                                        line 12: No!!!                                                                                                               7.) Prosecutor Patrick Muskat Acknowledges: On May 6, 2005 Voulme 5 Trial Transcript Page 54. That Tiffany King never attended to a photo line, or a physical, yet she was allowed to identify Searcy in the courtroom..                                             May 4, 2005 Page 86 Volume 3. DeAnthony Witchers testimony " I'm not involved in no crime"                                                                                                                           8.) On May 4, 2005, Trial Transcripts Volume 3 Page 98. Lines 13-20 DeAnthony Witcher's Testimony (questions by Searcy's Attorney Robert Mitchell):                                 line 13: Do you have a permit to carry your gun?                                                         line 14: I don't have                                                                                                       line 15: Court Judge Kenny: Well wait a minute, there has                                           line 16: been no testimony that he had a gun Mr Mitchell...                                           line 17 & 18: Mr Mitchell I just want to make sure whether or not he had a                                         permit.                                                                                                     line 19: Well, you have to have a (GUN) before you have a permit. So were a                          little bit ahead of oursselves.                                                                   NOTE: All Three Responding Officers Couldnt Id Searcy As The Shooter!!                       9.) Under MCL 780. 701 (3) use immunity DeAnthony was allowed to lie on the stand, to Searcy's Jury.                                                                                                       On January 26, 2014, Searcy's Family discovered 2 cases that DeAnthony Witcher had. One being  a 2nd degree murder in 1998. Searcy's family made this discovery from the FOIA Unit in the prosecutor's office. The woman than revealed these case's names was, Barbara Brown.                                                                     Here's DeAnthony Witchers case numbers: 93-061533-01, 98-056930-01;                      10.) On March 3, 2014 Searcy's family FOIA Searcy's Detroit Homicide File 04-12890 Through The City County Building , paying $505.00 total, Tonja R. Long  processed this information. Check number 14-830531860 made to The City Of Detroit.                                                                                                                                 11.) Afer recieving The Entire Homicide File Searcy contacted his first Appeal Attorney through Sado Randy E Davidson, asking him did he have any knowledge of  DeAnthony Witcher getting caught with a firearm on November 18, 2004.                       12.) Upon recieving Searcy's letter State Appellent Attorny Randy and Davidson Wrote back Stating: I recieved your letter dated March 5, 2014 and March 19, 2014 "I have reviewed your closed file and we did not recieve, from any source, a police report concerning DeAnthony Witcher getting caught with a loaded firearm dated March 31, 2014                                                                                                                   13.) Harvey D Witcher # 149304 is DeAnthony Witcher's uncle. He testified at a Evidentiary Hearing on (April 15,2005) Stating a Prosecutor name Frensie coerced him to LIE ON SEARCY. At the end of the hearing, Searcy's trial Attorney Robert Mitchell, ask the Judge could he call Harvey Witcher in as a witness. Searcy has the actual writ for Harvey Witcher to come from Lakeland Correctional Facility to The Wayne County Jail...                                                                                                       Harvey Witcher, wrote a Affidavit stating DeAnthony Witcher paid, Latasha Boatwright and Kimberly Jefferies to testify against Searcy. The Investigator that got this Affidavit name is J. Iverson from Iverson Investigations.                                              14.)FIREARM EXPERT [ KEVIN REED]:                                                                   Kevin Reed was allowed to testify in Searcy's case as a fire arm expert to work performed by David Pauch. When the Court allowed this to take, they violated Searcy's  Due Process Right's which is the right to face his accused.                             Kevin Reed Faulty practices leads to Detroit Crime Lab getting shut down in 2008. 147 cases were affected  by his currupt practices. Searcy was a victim of this officer corrupt practices.                                                                                                           ON SEARCY 6.500 Motion:                                                                                                15.) On Appeal, Appeal Network Attorney Gerald M Lorence, got Searcy's case barred in The Federal Court. Because he failed to exhaust the previous issues raised by Randy and Davidson on Searcy's Appeal Of Right. Attorney Gerald M Lorence told Searcy that the issues Randy E Davidson raised was cognizable for review. Judge Nancy Edmunds in the 6 Circuit Court, disagreed with Gerald M Lorence Legal Advice.                                                                                                        16.) On August 22, 2015, self proclaimed hitman Vincent Smothers contacted Searcy via mail, explaining his involvement in the murder of Jamal Segars and the Assult With The Intent To Murder Brian Minner. He also disclosed his co-defendent, that aided him on the night of September 5, 2004.                                                           On December 27, 2015, Vincent Smothers perfected Affadavit taking full resposibilities for the murders that Searcy is incarcerated for.                                            17.)                   TO: THE VIEWERS OF THIS CASE                                                                               PEOPLE VS SEARCY 04-12890                                                 We're trying to get Governor Rick Snyder, The Attorney General of Michigan, and The Federal Prosecutor Barbara McQuade to launch an investigation into The People vs Searcy. We're trying to gain 25,000 signatures. To make this happen, sign and share this petition. ""LET'S BRING JUSTICE TO A CURRUPT SYSTEM IN DETROIT....BY SETTING AN INNOCENT MAN FREE""!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


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