Stop the hazardous draining of Lake Okeechobee

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The draining of Lake Okeechobee has been adversely affecting South Wrst Floridas Gulf coast. Creating Toxic algae and killing off multiple species. I live on Sanibel Island Florida. It is said to be one of the most beautiful areas in South West Florida but That statement is quickly changing due to the quality of the beaches and water. Within a mere amount of days I have seen our beautiful beaches become a wasteland of corpses of beautiful sea creatures such as, Sea turtles, Puffer fish, Horseshoe Crabs, Jellyfish, multiple other species and even a Whale Shark. I fear for the livelihood of These piir aninals but I also fear for the people here. Residents or especially tourists who know little or nothing about the dangers that lie beneath the waves. These types of algaes that are being released are toxic and pose serious health risks. So I am making this petition not only for the people of Florida but for people around the world that come to see the natural beauty that is quickly fading here in South west Florida.