Repeal amendment 13 ( ban greyhound racing)

Repeal amendment 13 ( ban greyhound racing)

69,891 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nadine Loschiavo


I am starting this petition to repeal amendment 13. The reason being, this amendment has to many hidden agendas. This amendment is more than just banning dog racing. Please take the time to hear me out. 

This amendment will not benefit dogs. Banning the dog racing is going to ensure thousands of dogs a death sentence. Little does everyone know is how much Grey hound racing has changed over the past 20 years. These dogs are not treated near as bad as everyone makes you believe (with that being said there is always bad apples in every bunch) Most of the owners trainers & caregivers love and cherish these dogs. They are let out in groups to socialize and play, consistently exercised and handled, when they are in kennels, they are in a/c. The dogs are fed a better diet then most our dogs in our own homes. And these dogs LOVE to run. If they didn’t want to run they wouldn’t. This is a game to them. 

After this admendment goes though there are going to be hundreds to thousands of people without jobs. There are also thousands of dogs that are being thrown in shelters and most likely put to sleep due to the influx. The dog breed with become obselete and the breed itself will become endangered, maybe even extinct, or worse the breeding of this dog will become unregulated and one of the healthiest breeds will lose the status and the overall health of this breed will decline. 

Also take into consideration that since this amendment passed it will continue to progress further on in this order:

First, they ban the greyhound races.
Then, they’ll come for the hunters and working dogs( police,hearders,cutting).
The fisherman.
The farmers.
The horses and horse shows and racing.
And finally, they’ll come for the loyal dog sitting at your feet.

Because that’s been their endgame this whole time.

And we just held the door wide open.

please consider signing this petition to end amendment 13 and save the sport and the breed. 

69,891 have signed. Let’s get to 75,000!