Give all Stoneman Douglas High School Seniors honorary diplomas

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Dear Rick Scott, the seniors at MSD, class of 2018, are suffering through this terrible shooting, along with the rest of the school. We lost four students in our graduating class. For the first time, I am taking action, on an issue that must be dealt with now. Not tomorrow, not next week. NOW. Due to the shooting, we cannot fathom going back to our school and "learning" on a campus where our classmates lost their lives. Many students are traumatized and scared to return, affecting their ability to complete classes and work. As I returned to school for the first time on Wednesday, I walked into my class (which was relocated, due to it formerly being in the building of the shooting) and I arrived to my classmates just asking about their test grades that they took on the day of the shooting and speaking about what graphic things they saw and the things that occurred in their classroom. This is way too stressful for students to be worrying about their grades. There is less than 90 school days left, and everything has been interrupted by the last two weeks of absence. The absence will not stop as students are scared to return. It is impossible for us to return to normal and continue on. I (and many others) believe the class of 2018 should be given honorary diplomas because there is not enough time to make up for our work, grades, and exams. We have suffered enough. Please take this into consideration- actually, make this happen, it's your only choice, because we would like to graduate on time, together, and in the school where we began 4 years ago. Douglas is our home.

The least we can ask for is that we have early release days for the rest of the year, or are excused for absences. 

Thank you. 

Josh Levine, MSD Senior, class of 2018.

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