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This is a repost from almost 7 years ago! Still nothing has changed. Florida you must do better!

Florida is the ONLY state without parole!!!!!!  Florida is the ONLY state to demand that inmates must do 85% of their time before release.  Florida prisons are so overcrowded that some inmates do not even have pillows!!  They sleep on iron cots, with a thin mat, with springs poking into their backs!  They have no fans or air-conditioning in the horrendous heat of a Florida summer and 1 thin blanket to keep them warm in the cold of the winter.  Food portions have been cut in 1/2, and there is no job training available to most prisoners.  Florida prisons are so overcrowded because they don't let anyone out, other states have parole and other states let inmates out after completing 65% of their sentence.  Florida has a 0 tolerance rule and 10/20/LIFE, the judges do not look at each case on it's own merit, they just hand out sentences according to points! It's not working! Other states have made changes to their prison systems, Florida is the only hold out! It's time for Florida to catch up with every other state in the United States, time to admit that what they have been doing simply doesn't work and is so unfair to so many.   Every case is different and should be looked at on it's own merits. A Parole Board would be able to look over many cases where an inmate never should have been sent to prison in the first place. Right now, once you're in a Florida prison, it is next to impossible to get out! Florida currently has more inmates per capital than ANY other state! Our prison system is BROKEN, let's do something about it!  BRING BACK PAROLE and REDUCE TIME SERVED TO 65%!


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