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Amanda Brumfield was wrongfully convicted. She is innocent of any crime and I have serious concern regarding her imprisonment. Please overturn her conviction or grant an evidentiary hearing.

Why Amanda Brumfield Should Be Granted Postconviction Relief

From Amanda’s Family and Friends

The nightmare began on the evening of October 3, 2008 when Amanda’s goddaughter climbed out of her Pack ’n Play and fell to the floor in Amanda’s home. She seemed fine after a brief period of fussing then played, ate a snack and had her nails painted before going to bed for the night. She actually was injured far more than anyone could have suspected and died in her sleep a few hours later. Her death was devastating to so many, but this accidental tragedy turned into the unthinkable when Amanda was arrested the following June and subsequently charged with Capital Murder, Aggravated Child Abuse and Manslaughter of a Child.  

Amanda’s trial began May 23, 2011 with amended charges.  Casey Anthony’s trial began the next  day in the same court house and her charges were identical to Amanda’s. We believe the heinous facts of the Anthony case and its vast media coverage created a tremendous public awareness that impacted the ability for Amanda to have a fair trial. The notoriety of the Anthony case led to a community mindset with a far reaching impact greatly overshadowing Amanda’s innocence. 

Further, Amanda’s biological father is Billy Bob Thornton and we believe his Hollywood celebrity status had adverse influence on the police and Medical Examiner’s investigations, which ultimately influenced the filing of charges in the first place. We also feel this led to inaccurate, sensationalized courtroom drama and press reporting. 

Amanda was acquitted of the First Degree Murder and Aggravated Child Abuse charges, but  found guilty of Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child and sentenced to 20 years in prison. No motive, no eyewitness testimony, no prior record, no physical evidence suggesting Amanda ever harmed her goddaughter in any way, yet she was sentenced to 20 years.

All direct appeals concluded by December 2013 without written comments from the court. She is now seeking postconviction relief where further considerations  of the case are presented to the court. These motions could include, but are not limited to, issues pertaining to effectiveness of counsel and the legality of the sentence.

The death of a child is, without question, always heartbreaking, but what occurs to the innocent caretakers of these children is horrifying. Physicians and prosecutors, in their misleading attempts for justice, are creating a subculture of prisoners without proving a crime was ever committed. There cannot be justice through misrepresentation of fact and medical testimony that is outdated and flawed. The system is broken and must be repaired for the sake of the wrongfully convicted. Amanda did not get a fair trial and she needs help from everyone who cares about injustice to bring her home. She is innocent. There was no crime. 

Please sign this petition requesting postconviction relief from the trial court by overturning the conviction or granting an evidentiary hearing for Amanda. She deserves the legal and moral right to justice through postconviction relief in order to  begin rebuilding her life. Thank you.

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