Harewood Park - Implement Traffic Impedence on Harewood Road

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On Thursday, November 16th, around 10am, our town (Harewood Park) and surrounding neighborhoods were left without power. Worse, yet, we could not leave or enter because of an issue we've been dealing with for years. Annually, without fail, someone crashes into the same telephone pole on Harewood Road, just before the curve that runs us parallel with the train tracks.

Our representatives have done nothing but put up four reflective arrow signs leading up to the curve. This is not enough. People get stuck in their homes and, often times, have to park on Ebenezer Road to walk home because there's no entry via car. We need a form of impedence to slow down drivers prior to making the turn. A couple speed bumps or humps? A guard rail? These things seem like the cheapest solutions, and the least intrusive. We pay taxes. Why do our delegates ignore this problem?

Please sign so we can possibly approach this on a calm and professional level. Let's put an end to the annual "Harewood Park Meetup at the Pole", as I call it. Thank you all.

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