Protect Santa Monica Affordable Housing Tenants from NMS Properties.

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NMS Properties is the largest property management firm in Santa Monica. As of August 10, 2017 all applicants to the NMS Property Affordable Housing Units must apply through the city of Santa Monica at

My unit has been infested with termites, silverfish and ants.  There is no exaggeration in the following description of the infestation we have had in our unit - We have had termites dropping from our ceilings, into the bathtub, on the bathroom floor, beside the toilette seat, into our living room, into the kitchen.  We wake up to silverfish in OUR BED just crawling under the blanket.  There are ants all over the kitchen counter.

As a result we have been taking our showers at the local YMCA.  

We have about 3 to 4 dozen termites roaming free in our unit daily.  

NMS Properties agreed to send a maintenance worker to seal our ceilings and caulk all floors - 4 weeks later and we are still waiting. That has NOT happened.  

Pest control involved sprinkling boric acid, which the manager, Kimberly Jeffries, herself said is NOT an effective way to treat termites. Yet they continue to use the same pest control company until we forced another opinion.    

Here we are, politely asking to be released from our lease and they are holding US accountable for the rest of the term. Why are they NOT accountable for an uninhabitable unit I have lived in for ONLY 2 months. I haven't even been here long and these issues have been here from the start?

We talk to the Santa Monica city office and we are being told, that we are liable for the lease, and if they even terminate it we should consider ourselves lucky??? LUCKY??? Is that a joke? - because they do not get involved unless it is a danger to public health.

So I'd like to ask the city - why is it that affordable housing tenants HAVE TO apply through as of August 10th - if they are refusing to get involved in these types of issues? Are we willingly sending innocent tenants to properties such as NMS where we know these units are not safe, clean, or habitable for SM residents? But we just don't care, because, they are low income tenants? Do low income tenants mean we don't matter? That we aren't awarded the same basic human rights that someone who resides in a luxury complex are awarded?

Why is it I called Code Enforcement, Public Health, Legal Aide, Rent Control, SM Rights, every single division and department in Santa Monica and I was turned away? I was told no one could help me?

We need to put an end to this type of treatment for low income families. Low income deserves attention. 

Let us out of our lease WITHOUT ANY STIPULATIONS and teach NMS Properties a lesson 

Please share this petition to everyone you know, we need to get attention to it.  We need to protect tenant rights.  Please.  

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