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Do not euthanize Yogi, bring him back home to Lucas MacNeil

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Do not euthanize Yogi, because he was defending himself.Yogi has been put in a very difficult position. In a series of small misfortunate  events Yogi was taken away from his owner without permission and later on taken to the SPCA.On Dec.30th of 2015, Yogi  was tied to a tree and threatened by an individual. When he was untied,he defended himself so he attacked. The person that was attacked was not the only one involved. In stead of reasoning with him or trying to calm the dog down, another individual decided to hit the anxious dog on the head, which aggravated the situation even more. Lucas MacNeil had Yogi since he was about six months old. Yogi is loved by everyone and is spoiled by Luke and his close friends. There is no abuse towards the dog coming from Lucas MacNeil  and until that day there were no safety concerns regarding the dog. Yogi is Luke's best friend and family. We have been around Yogi since he was a pup as well, and he never attacked or hurt any one of us previous to the accident. He is a dear friend to all of us. We do not wish to see him euthanized and wish to see him come back home to Luke and to all of us. Please take the time to look at the facts and judge accordingly. 

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