Petition against placing repeat violent sex offender 100' from single mom in the county.

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Richland County has decided to place a violent repeat sexual predator, named Richard D. Sugden Jr., next to a single mom with 3 kids.  His front door to mine is approximately 100' and 6 miles from town.  My kids walk on the "lane" to the bus and back every day which is directly in front of the house he is to be placed at.  They swim in the creek, ride their bikes and 4wheeler.  We have a hobby farm, and spend most of our time outside!  Placing this predator next door would take away every ounce of our freedom and security.  We moved to the country at the end of July to start over while I was going through a divorce.  If they do end up placing him there, WE will be the prisoners.  

He was originally convicted in 1976 of rape and sexual perversion and in 1997 of first-degree sexual assault and abduction of a child. 

While in prison, he and 2 other inmates attempted to escape, holding a staff member hostage while armed with a home-made knife.  Their attempt failed when they tried to crash through a prison gate, and the car rolled over.

In one of his original cases, Richard Sugden, abducted a 17 year old stranger who was walking along a path, dragged her under a bridge, and raped her at knife point. 

He was later committed in 2008 as a sexually violent person.

Court documents say his release was recommended for public notification because of his history of violence, choosing his victims at random, and his low motivation to seek work when released. He also has not made any progress while in prison, records said.

Status conference is January 14, 2020 at 3:00 pm at the Richland County courthouse. PLEASE COME!! THIS  IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!


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