Keep Badger Mountain South Sustainable

Keep Badger Mountain South Sustainable

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Started by Heather Nicholson

Badger Mountain South is a master planned community located in Richland, Washington.  The City of Richland and the Developer, Nor Am, came together over 10 years ago to create a vision for our community. 

In 2010, this vision was laid out in both our Master Agreement and the Land Use and Development Regulations (LUDR).  Since then, the LUDR has been amended multiple times, slowly chipping away at the promises given to our community members.  In the past, community members have stood together against these changes to no avail. They were told it had to be done to sell houses here. Now, homes in Badger Mountain South can't be built fast enough to keep up with demand. It's time for us to say enough is enough. We need to stop changing the rules in favor of developers and start thinking about the promises made to the residents of Badger Mountain South. 

Today, the City and Nor Am are working together again to amend the LUDR.  This time, they are decreasing both our park and open space acreage by over 172 acres. They are also removing the minimum required acreage for our open space parks.  In addition, they are eliminating block parks, adding more residential allowances in our business districts without limit, and allowing storm ponds (or any land the developer chooses) to count as open space. All of this threatens the sustainable community we were promised. 

Our community is coming together once again to ask that these specific amendments be stopped.   The people who already live here and the people who want to live here believe in the vision of a sustainable Badger Mountain South. Gutting those promises any further will completely change the heart of our community.

Once the acreage set aside for parks is bulldozed and has homes placed on it, once the business district is covered by residential lots, once the lots that were supposed to be used for children's play areas are gone, it will be too late to save the integrity of Badger Mountain South.

476 have signed. Let’s get to 500!