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Heartland Pets in Erie, PA: Stop Supporting Puppy Mill Cruelty. Go Humane or Go Away

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You've seen it. Maybe you've even snuggled a pup from there. That store full of pups in the Millcreek Mall, the one next to the food court? There's more than meets the eye at Heartland Pets, and it isn't a pretty picture.

It all started when a local veterinarian, who was originally from the Midwest, went into the store and asked kindly where the puppies came from. She was told, "They all come from hand selected and trusted breeders in the Midwest. Most of which are veterinarians!" As a vet from the Midwest, she couldn't believe that there were so many Veterinarians out there breeding puppies to sell at far away pet stores for the purpose of profit. For about 1 year since then, a group of peaceful, factual, and tactful local citizens have been researching Heartland Pets in the Millcreek Mall in Erie, PA. What we've found has startled many.

We've found nearly 90 pages of evidence connecting Heartland Pets in the Millcreek Mall in Erie, PA to at least 30 different puppy mills. Some of the mills are USDA certified and some aren't. But all of them put animal welfare, both mental and physical, in jeopardy in order to produce as many pups as possible. We have paper-trails that connect Heartland Pets to some of the worst puppy mills in the US (as ranked by the HSUS). If you're not yet convinced that this is wrong, pause and do some research. ( )( )Then come back and sign our petition.

Each day, Heartland Pets uses doublepseak to trick unknowing customers into spending their money on puppy mill cruelty. We've heard story after story from past customers who purchased pups, just to have them die a short time later. We've got proof of sick puppies, dying puppies, neglect, deceit, falsified paperwork and more. Past customers used to think that their stories were isolated, but not anymore. Now they are uniting to make change. 

If you love dogs, you should be appalled. Even if you don't this issue matters to you. Did you know that an estimated 2.4 million dogs are euthanized in US shelters each year, strictly due to overpopulation? Heartland Pets is currently selling mass produced puppies for profit. They are creating a problem of pet overpopulation that every taxpayer has to help pay for. Are you a taxpayer? Then this matters to you. 

But guess what? There's an easy fix. We want Heartland Pets to Go Humane. We want them to work with local rescue operations. This switch is not only sustainable (many pet stores nationwide have successfully made the conversion, including a few in Philly), but it is smart. If Heartland Pets goes humane, they will stay AHEAD of the legislation, stay in business, and they will keep their current client base and also gain the vivid support of nearly 3,000 local individuals who've currently agreed to boycott the store

SIGN AND SHARE this petition. Do it for the puppy mill mommas and daddies that live in misery each day - or do it for your tax dollars. Tell Richard Winslow, owner of Heartland Pets, that NOW is the time to go humane. Mr. Winslow, if you wait until the laws force you to change, we'll know your true colors. #HeartlandPetsGoHumaneOrGoAway


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