Protect Our Officers and Their Families

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In 2015, then-police commissioner of Philadelphia, Charles Ramsey, decided to start releasing the names of officers involved in shootings. This is dangerous for the officers and their families. People with little children now have to live in fear of protest and retaliation by criminals and violent groups like black lives matter. Mothers have to worry about their children being targeted because of this procedure and it needs to end. They are fearing for their lives. Nothing good has come of this since it has been put into effect and nothing will.

Black lives matters thinks it is ok to show up at an officer's home and bully his family. Last night, 8/24/17, a mother with her two children at home had to endure this nonsense. THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED! Please sign and share my petition to change this and keep our officers and their families safe. Protect those that protect us.