Boycott & Withhold Funds to Temple Until it Stops Funding the PPD

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Join us in our pledge to withhold any and all financial contributions to Temple University until the administration decides to invest in community programs for the common good, and divest from financial support of the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD).. As a donor, or future donor, it is of utmost importance to know where your dollar is being spent. Temple University, as part of a large group including UPenn and Wawa, contributed a total of 1.5 million dollars to the PPD over the last three years. As a PPD website - which has since been deleted - described, these donations were spent on drones, long guns, tac gear, and other instruments that, within our current police system, are used for oppression. Not only is it problematic that Temple wants to support such a flawed, racist system, but the money they spent could be better utilized by supporting community programs. Temple should be investing in services that support students, campus workers and the community, not in the institution that overpolices struggling communities, leading to increased poverty and oppression. In a recent email response to Temple’s community pleading en masse for defunding the PPD, Temple’s president gave a flat no, insisting that they would carry on as they always have, funding the PPD and using their services. It is an irresponsible tactic, and one that should not be accepted. It’s time Mr. Englert realized that if he doesn’t divest from the PPD and invest in the community, we as alumni pledge to withhold any financial contributions to the University. That starts with you, the alumni donor, and will spread throughout every corner of our campus.