Combat Sports - Help Localised Reopening of Clubs

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The Hon. Richard Colbek,

I am writing to you on behalf of all the clubs and students involved in the Australian Combat Sports community. 
We have been very supportive and proactive in closing our clubs, keeping our students active, engaged and healthy, while the majority of club owners were forced to close their doors, with zero income or timeline for the reopening of their businesses. 
Most industries have a timeline of when they can return to work, however there has been zero information passed down to the Combat Sports community.

Under current Stages 1 to 3 legislation, It is unrealistic to expect that club owners can offer classes to their students, whilst maintaining the 4sqm rule of social distancing. Clubs that run Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Kickboxing, Boxing, Judo, Wrestling, Muay Thai and other Combat Sports, require contact between students and athletes in order to conduct proper training in their disciplines. Surely the formation of small club training groups (such as the same partner for the whole of class) would be a very achievable goal for club owners to adhere to, whilst running their business and keeping themselves gainfully employed.
Combat Sports doesn’t just offer numerous positive health benefits, it has also been a major factor for helping deal with symptoms of mental health, including PTSD, Depression and Anxiety in a large percentage of its student base. 

My mission is for our clubs to be seen as individuals rather than 1 combined Sport under the blanket ban we are currently targeted in.
If my rural town has had zero cases since Day 1 of COVID19, then why am I still held to the same sanctions as a city or town that has reported numbers of active cases. Surely in today’s state of technology and access to information at our fingertips, why are we not allowed to develop and implement our own Risk Assessments to plan, conduct, run and monitor our own training curriculums within our club area. 

My request is firstly;

1) Allow localised reopening of clubs that have zero cases of the Corona Virus. Coaches know who is in their towns and region and can deliver safe training whilst adhering to all Government requirements. 

2) Allow clubs to control and maintain the high level of hygiene and sanitation, to help minimise any risk of passing on the virus. In the unlikely event that someone contaminated attended the club, then clubs could implement a closure and lockdown as required. Using the COVID19 Government App would help with the tracking and tracing of any such cases.

3) Combat Sports clubs are probably the most hygienic and well maintained clubs you could ever visit. Stringent cleaning regulations have been in place long before COVID19 and will be maintained long after the Corona Virus has gone. 

I am writing for your support in helping us return to doing what we love within our communities. We provide vital skills that improve not just their physical health but also their mental health as well. 


Jason Hoad