All Aged Care Workers should be trained in Mental Health.

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You put your mother or father in an Aged Care to be looked after, but what happens when a resident that has Mental Health issues gets put into a nursing home?

Well the truth is, 90% of the time, the staff caring for your loved ones are too busy to look after your mother or father and are too focused on this Resident who has severe Mental Health issues.

Not only is it taking time away from the Elderly who came here for a place to call home, but it's also a serious risk to the staff and other Residents having a resident that is capable of extreme things, wandering in and out of rooms and around the facility where we are not able to keep a full eye on them to keep the Resident safe.

Staff are not trained to deal with Mental Health Residents and it puts our lives at risk, along with the Residents who now feel uncomfortable to even leave their room because of this resident who is threatening them in their own home.

Why are Aged Cares allowed to accept residents with extreme mental health issues? The facilities aren't designed for those residents and we don't have the correct training, nor the correct facilities to look after them.

If Aged Care are going to keep accepting Mental Health residents, then us staff need the correct training to look after them. The Elderly should feel comfortable in their home, not be scared and hide away in their room all day...