Reopen Doyle “Kimmie” Duncan’s Case

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This is a petition started by, us, the Duncan Family and many voiceless black families to reopen the case of our loved one Kimmie Duncan. We are calling for a more thorough investigation into his death by hanging.

This is Kimmie Duncan, my 14 year-old older brother. My Dad found Kimmie hanging from a tree several houses down from where we lived in a white mans yard. This was in 2003, Durham, North Carolina and I was 8 years old....

The police investigation went no where. They called it a suicide, said that he was into gang activity and skipped school.
Kimmie went to Jordan High. Apparently, the day before he died he got beat up by some racist guys at the school. Apparently, kids wanted to write an article about him after his death, but the school wouldn’t allow it. Apparently, there was no ladder at the scene of his death. And according to the autopsy he ate Mac&Cheese just before he died. There’s still many questions surrounding why by brother got hung.
Since the police called it a suicide, that is what I told people happened to my brother. I say this to protect myself. My dad told me that if he was white and had more money he would’ve hired a private investigator.
The time to share this is now for me. The brother of your friend Dunc was lynched because he was a black boy.
I did not want to write this..(I typed the first line countless times shaking). I asked for permission from dad, sis and little bro to say this and make a mural of Kimmie.
I’m sharing this because I want people to understand why WE ALL are hurt right now and protesting. I want other people who are scared to share their truths to speak up. I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. I want people to feel sorry for the black men and women out there who are crying. No man should ever have to see his son hanging from a tree, shot in the street or strangled by police. No man. Understand that most of you guys are lucky and privileged that you are not black. Saying this is my deepest truth I never wanted to tell anyone since I was 8, but I’m tired of seeing people that I know not realize they have friends who are painfully experiencing this. I’m tired of those who befriend black people and stab them in the back at the same time. IM TIRED OF WATCHING BLACK PEOPLE BEATEN AND KILLED.
So please, if you follow me and read this, post BLACK LIVES MATTER, at the very least! #blacklivesmatter
I love you Kimmie”