Physician's Assisted Suicide Needs To Change

Physician's Assisted Suicide Needs To Change

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Jasmine W. started this petition to Senator Elizabeth Warren and
As it stands, the Physician's Assisted Suicide Bill is only available to patients with a terminal diagnosis of 6 months. You must have two doctors to sign off, including a psychologist if it is determined you are depressed.

The problem is that many patients are going through immense suffering, but do not have a terminal diagnosis. These patients have no other options, and frequently have to use treatments that don't alleviate enough suffering, and in some cases only prolong their agony. As humans, we idealize natural death. In reality, those of us with extensive disease processes very rarely get a death where we peacefully drift off to sleep. In most cases, we may die being unable to breathe (in the case of heart and lung disease), unable to eat or drink without extreme pain or discomfort (in the case of GI disease), or in so much pain, even the highest-quality pain medications do not offer relief. I've seen many natural deaths in both humans and animals; it is not glorious, it is not pretty, and it is not dignified. As humans, we deserve the option to have a peaceful and dignified end. Those of us who try and take our own life tend to fail and are deemed "suicidal" or "depressed", even though we just want the suffering to end. If we succeed, our loved ones are left wondering why. There needs to be another way.

About 75% of terminal patients that qualify for Physician's Assisted Suicide do not actually go through with it; they just want to have the option. The people with severe disease processes, but are not terminal, also deserve to have this choice. Sometimes, we can not alleviate suffering. It is inhumane to allow our loved ones to go on suffering when there is a better option. Physician's Assisted Suicide allows for a cleaner, quicker, and more dignified death, and allows people to make peace with their loved ones without fear of retribution.

I propose an amendment to the Physician's Assisted Suicide bill. Under this new law, patients may qualify if they have at least one of the following:

- Severe kidney disease (stage 3+), not eligible for transplant*
- Severe heart disease that does not respond to treatment, not eligible for transplant*
- Severe liver disease, not eligible for transplant*
- Severe pancreatic disease, unlikely to get better
- Severe GI disease, unresponsive to treatment, unlikely to get better
- Autoimmune diseases that are aggressive, progressive, and are likely to result in death or intense suffering with or without medical intervention

*or are unlikely to receive a transplant before death occurs

I will go to each senator with this bill. Physician's Assisted Suicide is only available in a few states at the moment. My goal is to have this new bill be eventually passed in all 50 states.

The suggested requirements to achieve the medication that allows for Physician's Assisted Suicide include the following:

1. Must be a resident in the state you are applying for Physician's Assisted Suicide (no change from the original bill)
2. Must get 3 doctors to sign a form agreeing that the patient qualifies for Physician's Assisted Suicide (1 more doctor than original bill requires)
3. If deemed depressed, must have 2 psychiatrists sign a form agreeing the patient qualifies for Physician's Assisted Suicide (1 more than the original bill requires)

If you or someone you know is suffering and wants to have a better option (even if you or they don't take it), please sign this petition. We deserve a choice.
0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!