Hazard Pay and Family Leave for Walgreens Employees

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Walgreens has been placed under significant strain on both the retail and pharmacy front.

The company has issued a statement that they would cover pay for up to 14 days for those afflicted by the virus and quarantined. This is definitely a step in the right direction, but I believe that Walgreens could do much better than this. The company will only pay for the 14 days if the employee tests positive on a COVID-19 test, which is still on shortage throughout the United States at the time of writing. If employees are sick with symptoms similar to COVID-19 and have to be sent home, they should be fully paid for the time they missed regardless of the circumstance. Employees should not be penalized for taking precautions.

As we are a retail pharmacy, I understand the need to stay open during these troubling times in order to support those in the community in need of medication and supplies. This also undoubtedly comes with increased risk of exposure to those with COVID-19. In the near future, we will in all likelihood be exposed regularly to people who carry the virus. This not only puts us at risk as employees, but also our families.

My father is in his 80's, has type II diabetes, and potentially has further complications that could make him immunocompromised. I am his caregiver, which brings further difficulty to my own situation. I believe that if he were to catch COVID-19, he likely wouldn't be able to make it. My fear is that even my careful precautions will not be enough. Walgreens did relax their policy on attendance for situations like these, but we still have to use our own PTO if we choose to stay home. I do not believe this is adequate enough.

I feel that the risks and dangers associated with all of this more than warrants increased hazard pay and the option of paid family leave. Walgreens Boots Alliance CEO Stefano Pessina and Walgreens President Richard Ashworth, I urge you to take action and meet the needs of your employees.

Please sign this petition, repost, and forward this to your co-workers and friends. We all deserve better.