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Petition to Overturn the City Ordinance Licensing 10+ Marijuana Businesses in Milpitas

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Notes to supporters:

 The city council meeting day with item of pot issue is December 19th, 2018 at 6PM. 

Please post the petition link to Nextdoor, Facebook tinyurl.com/antithcshops

Dear Residents in Milpitas,

Oct 2nd, city council members passed the ordinance that licensing 10 marijuana businesses in Milpitas without Tax ordinance and regulations in place.

“No tax ordinance” means pot shop owners do not need to pay any tax dollars to the city for at lest two years till next election in 2020.

“No regulations” means the city council members have little study, little evaluation on marijuana businesses' negative impacts on community and minors.

“No regulations” means residents’ voice and inputs are not in their consideration when they making the decision.

“No regulations” means the pot shop owners can do whatever they prefer. Milpitas will be marijuana business’ heaven.

The ordinance that licensing marijuana businesses in Milpitas was proposed by city council members Bob Nunez, Anthony Phan, and Marsha Grilli voted yes.

Concerns if 10 marijuana businesses got licensed:

1.After marijuana legalized in Colorado, Washington, and California, data shows that crime rate keeps increasing, THC related fatal car crash rate increases around 70%.
2. Minors are most vulnerable to addictive drugs
3. Drug traffic congestion
4. Family oriented residents move out of drug polluted areas.
5. Genetically modified commercial marijuana has become a hard drug

Marijuana contains THC and CBD.

THC is the chemical making people to get high only

CBD is the medicinal properties lie

 In old days, Marijuana contains about 1% THC. Today's commercial marijuana contains up to 30% after genetically modified.

The marijuana THC concentrates can get as high as 90%+and almost no CBD in it

6. The THC mixed into food, candy, alcohol, and drinks are very hard for people, including minors and adults to distinguish and resist the temptation.  

Don’t agree with the ordinance and prefer to overturn it?

Please take the following actions:

!.  Sign the petition tinyurl.com/antithcshops

2.  Attend the city council meeting on December TBD, 6:30PM at cityhall, 455 E Calaveras Blvd, council chambers 2nd floor.

3. Write an email to city council members: